Sunday, April 22, 2012

Palestine Children

muhammad al-dura by *feda2

muhammad al dura

On September 30, 2000 Mohammed Jamal Al-Durra out with his father in the Salah El-Din between Netzarim and Gaza, and entered the area where the shooting spree, the father quickly The duck with his son behind the barrel, continued to fire on the father and son and father attempted reference to the shooters to stop, but continued to fire on the father and son, father and tried to protect his son from the strikes, but could not, several bullets hit the body of the father and son, and fell to Mohammed al-Dura district, in a scene lens photographer reported the French news agency for all the world.

the photogapher say " Began shooting from various sources, Israeli and Palestinian, did not last more than 5 minutes. Followed, it seemed clear to me that the shooting hand of the child Muhammad and his father from the opposite direction to them. Intensively and intermittently, the shooting was a direct hand in the direction the two (father and child) and hand centers (centers of the Palestinian security forces to save). Palestinian centers were not the source of gunfire, because the shots of these two centers had stopped after five minutes of silence, not the child and the father living at the time (mean time of five minutes), but injury and death have occurred at the time the 45 minutes that followed.

I can assure you that the shots that killed Mohammed Durra and his father was one of the watchtowers above-mentioned Israeli, because it is the only place which could fire toward the father and child. If you are mentally and logical, and because of my years of experience in covering the areas of hot events and areas of violent collisions and identify places of bullets, I can affirm that the child had been killed deliberately and without taking into account and that the father was wounded by Israeli forces "


Israeli terrorism on gaza by *feda2


this design i made it to send massage to the free Conscience in all over the world to say no for Israeli terrorism on gaza
the girl in this design can be your daughter or your sister
plz say no for israeli terrorism 


Gaza children by *feda2


Quds 6th day by *feda2

 This design (Quds 6th day) for support palstinin people rights in there lands
Quds day established every year in 17 Ramadan to make the world know the true things
every one in any place can support this rights by visit this web site [link] or designs or any information show us the true


pampers army israel solders by *feda2

 An army of cowards wearing Pampers and kill children in gaza
That the IDF

pampers army israel solders 2 by *feda2

 An army of cowards wearing Pampers and kill children in gaza
That the IDF

israeli anti society army by *feda2

 Psychologists know some personal anti-society (as those who are anomalies in the behavior and feelings in the face of their actions, and in the way of social harmony with their surroundings)

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